Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nice Shots

i've been remiss in my dabbling with photography.  it is just too cold to go out these past few weeks (read: lazy).

i stumbled upon the site of Nicolas Evariste, a French photographer who takes marvelous black and white images.  here are some of my favorite entries from his gallery:

Industrial melancholy

this is so six feet under

seeing images like these inspire me to take more photos and better my shots


Umayr Khan said...

These are absolutely beautiful pictures... did you use Point and shoot or Digital SLR?

aleix bonet said...

A really nice pictures!

did you it?
I'm a catalan boy
my bloc is :
thank you

Arif Ammar said...

Nice Photos!

Like a professional photographer!
good work

Anonymous said...

very beautiful indeed

slumberznanie said...

great it